Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dunja Milovanovic

A friend from our Family from Holland Dunja came for a sleepover here in Serbia, so i took advantage of the situation :p

I must say, that i am in love with her amazing puppy eyes..! I mean, look at them!

(p.s. i took her photoshooting/camera virginity, she is such a natural talent!)

Maja Nikolski, my sister

So, i have travelled to Serbia to meet my family for a summer holiday.. I begged my youngest sister to make a few photo's of her, she seriously gave me only 10minutes to figure it out.. Well here she is in our backyard... My heart, my love, my sister <3

Paulina Kunigonyte

A new face to this world of Fashion, i loved every bit of her..! She has one of the most stunning eyes ever!! Love Love Love!!!

Paulina is represented by EMS models in Taipei, Taiwan..
The photographs were taken 3weeks ago on top of the roof of the EMS models apartment :D.