Sunday, January 10, 2010

The little round hat

Model: Arina @ Dolls Model


  1. They just keep getting better and better...:)

    Although the pictures are great, I dont like the location very much, meaby pick a more straight forward location next time ? *-)

  2. hey yeah, someone mentioned this earlier to me aswell...

    Also some photographers told me i should take it easy with the pipes in the background...

    I am still learning, so thank you for this comment!

  3. **** UPDATE ***

    I replaced the last two pictures with the pipes and un-straight background with the two pictures where Arina is sitting on a bench, i think it was better for me to put these two pictures here in the first place...

  4. These two are definitely better that those before, especially the left one is very nice !
    The right one would be better if the model and bench were more centered...

    Classy work though !

    Fekkie ;)

  5. those two sitting on the bench are stunning...nice composition and not many distraction...straight and white theme... in the middle, I think it would have been better if you put the composition of the pipe not exactly in the middle...maybe put a little bit on the left so it doesn't overlap with the center of interest...
    good're doing good my dear

  6. thank you for the comments, it really is usefull for me in the near future