Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FART Magazine

My official first publication as a new amature photographer! Yay!

Fart Magazine issue 7, 2010 - The ART FART edition. (online magazine)
There is also an full interview with me including photographs i took, for the ones that are interested; here their link: http://www.fartmagazine.nl/magazine/7/

Please note that it's a dutch magazine, wich means everythings written in dutch ;)

Models are all from Dolls Models.

The rest of the editorial can be seen on FART magazine, online.

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  1. Nou,
    volgens mij zijn we de enige 2 mensen die nog enig sinds verder zijn gegaan met leven na middelbare school x'D
    [jeez really, iedereen kleed zich nog het zelfde en Samantha draagt zelfs nog steeds die verschrikkelijke makeup...]

    wtf kan ik niet via me tumble account commenten..sterf blogspot :/