Friday, May 14, 2010

My Sister

First of all i was in China for a bit more then one month, unfurtunatly in China alot of websites are blocked, such as Facebook, Youtube but also - so i couldnt update you guys on where i was, what i was doing and why i didn't post anything in a while.. Also i was sooo stupid to forget to bring my baby, my camera, with me...

But oke, i am back in Taiwan - i invited my almost 15year old sister to come to Taiwan as a birthday present and during her stay of nearly two weeks i got the chance to make a few pictures of her :D

Don't see there pictures as a serie or as something high fashion, they are just spontaniouse made photographs except for the one that i put her in some cheesy catalogue pose, but still - shes so cute and beautiful on it, i couldnt keep it from u guys ;)


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